30 Nights Nick and Willa Poser

Meet Nick & Willa...

Before Nick and Willa’s marital dysfunctions led them to the big screen, their journey began small. Or to be more precise, short. “30 Nights” originated as a short film hatched by Mandy Kaplan and Johnny Giacalone and directed by frequent collaborator Tom W. Metz III.  The short film went on to be an Official Selection at Chicago Comedy Festival, Winner of the Audience Award at Broad Humor Festival and Winner Best Actress in a short film at LAComedy Festival. And that was only the beginning. 

The “30 Nights” team set out to build on their successful short. A full length script was written, rewritten and rewritten some more. Veteran producer Liz Vacovec was brought onto the team, and the cameras rolled. The feature film follows the same premise as the short, but allows for a more in depth exploration of Nick and Willa’s stalled marriage and its effect on their friends and family, different awkward sex assignments and way, way more jokes.

Television and screen veterans Jenny O’Hara (“Transparent”, “King of Queens”) and Alan Rachins (“Dharma & Greg”, “LA Law”) were recruited to play Willa’s meddling mother and Nick’s stern father. The incomparable Dan Fogler (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", “Balls Of Fury”) was cast as the eccentric Dr. Lance Ying, the therapist who sends the couple on their journey.

If you had 30 nights to save your marriage, how far would you go?  Join Nick and Willa as they find out for themselves.